Presentation of the Project “Step-by-step Path to Learning Letters”.Ugnė Dryžienė. Daiva Mačiūnaitė. Šiaulių Medelyno progimnazija

konferencijos logoPresentation of the Project “Step-by-step Path to Learning Letters”

The aim of the project – to develop preschool children‘s skills to connect letters and sounds

The objectives of the project:

  • To improve phonemic analysis and synthesis skills;
  • To develop auditory perception;
  • To expand active and passive vocabulary;
  • To develop fine motor skills;
  • To stimulate creativity, curiosity, initiative, collaboration;
  • To build a collaborative relationship among children, parents, teachers and a speech therapist.

Preschool group A and parents of the pupils participated in the project. Ugnė, the teacher of the preschool group, and speech therapist Daiva organized different activities. Duration of the project: November 2017 – May 2018.

With the help of games children were learning to recognize and write capital letters, to recognize letters among other letters, to recognize beginning, middle and ending sound in words. With the help of creative tasks children were making crafts (they were drawing, coloring, cutting shapes, etc.).

Every week children had to do homework tasks together with their parents. Parents were actively involved in the activities: they helped to do the tasks, to create books, took part in survey.

At the end of the project, the exhibition of the books “My First Book of Letters” created by preschool children as well as the event „ABC – the First Step into the World of Knowledge“ were held

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